Live Music That Reflects Your Creativity!

Contemporary weddings increasingly reflect the unique creativity and individuality of the bride and groom.  Live music for weddings should reflect the diversity of our multi-cultural society and blend different traditions and cultures.  Our musical offerings go beyond traditional Classical music to provide a true East-meets-West musical blend that allows your creativity to shine through!  

Create an Artistic Musical Expression for Your Special Day!

Blend musical styles from a traditional sitar-tabla Jugalbandi, to a smooth Jazz experience with the saxophone...  Spice up the cocktail hour with flamenco guitars or let the flute and drumroll celebrate the arrival of the lovebirds!  Let your creativity flow freely and create an artistic expression -- as unique as YOU!

Wedding Music Packages


Traditional background music
  • Sitar and Tabla
  • Recommended as background music for traditional ceremonies (in the temple or at home).
  • Ideal for day-time religious ceremony or Sangeet / Mehndi accompaniment

3 musicians - A modern vibe
  • Sitar and drum kit
  • Keyboard or guitar for a more contemporary vibe
  • Ideal for cocktail hour, guests arrival at reception, background for dinner
  • Ideal for indoors / banquet halls 
5-person Jazz Ensemble - East meets West blend!
  • Sitar, drum kit, guitar, keyboard, saxophone or flute
  • Great for multi-cultural weddings
  • Ideal for outdoor spaces (farms, golf clubs, country clubs, etc.)